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Jan 07, 2013
Spring semester starts at SVA today and I'll be teaching 2nd year design studio in the Interior Design dept. This term our focus will be on design and research methodologies at the intersection the sciences and art.

Dec 13, 2012
Lots of new projects in the pipeline for next year. Currently very excited to be a part of the feasibility study for converting an old textile mill in New Hampshire into a state of the art, net zero, vertical farming operation, with a research and educational center. We anticipate the growing facilities will utilize aquaponics, NFT and vine crop systems. Power will be generated via hydro-electric, solar array and an anaerobic digestor.

Nov 19, 2012
I was interviewed this week for a talk show on NHK, a Japanese television network. They are doing a piece East Village Studio and stopped by my office at JPDA to see us at work and ask a few questions about the project.

Nov 08, 2012
If you are in St. Louis this Fri/Sat, I'll be speaking at Washington University's Sam Fox School of Design for their symposium: URBANISM(S): SUSTAINABLE CITIES FOR ONE PLANET. My talk, Edible Infrastructures: Cities, Farms & Algorithms, will explore the generative potential of food systems in the design of future cities and a discussion of the potential of mathematical modeling and simulation to challenge the traditional methodologies of the urban designer and the meaning of authorship in the design process.

The intent of the symposium is to discuss and debate the future of urban design education and practice in a rapidly urbanizing world. Thom Mayne will deliver the keynote lecture, which will include work from his recently published book 'Combinatory Urbanism: The Complex Behavior of Collective Form.'

Oct 29, 2012
I'm pleased to announce a collaboration with ARExA on the design of a rooftop greenhouse and science lab for NEST+m, an all gited & talented public school in lower Manhattan. The vision, is to create a lightweight learning environment for K-12 students developing an understanding of science, the environment, health, economics and entrepreneurship through the production of food, research and innovation.

Oct 17, 2012
Join us in San Francisco this Thurs-Sun where we’ll present our peer-reviewed paper – ‘Edible Infrastructures: Emergent Organizational Patterns for the Productive City’ summarizing our ongoing research into cities, algorithmic design & food systems.

Other notable speakers at this year’s ACADIA conference include Greg Lynn, Neri Oxman, Saul Griffith, Achim Menges and Manuel DeLanda.

Look for us Sunday morning 10am – 12pm, at CCA where we’ll be warming up the stage for Manuel DeLanda who will be delivering his keynote at noon.
For more info check out -

Oct 13, 2012
Super excited to be invited to TEDxDUMBO as part of the Cities 2.0 day happening in TED talks around the world today.

Oct 02, 2012
The Boerum Hill House will be open to visitors this weekend as part of Dwell & New York Magazine's City Modern Home Tours. Read more about it and get your tickets here -

Sept 15, 2012
Boerum Hill House (which I worked on with JPDA) is being featured this month in a special joint venture of NY Magazine and Dwell called City Modern.

Sept 13, 2012
JPDA's 'East Village Studio' is featured on this week's episode of 'Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Spaces', an original program airing weekly on YouTube's home/design channel 'Spaces'. It's well produced and filmed in HD offering a great tour of the space.

Check it out here -->

"An amazingly designed small apartment under 500 sq feet with a huge amount of storage and awesome art - Michael Pozner, former Head of Retail for American Apparel, and his designer Darrick Borowski, from Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture ( re-imagined his tiny space to fit his needs.

Aug 15, 2012
Just got word that we (JPDA) won the pitch to be an exclusive authorized design firm for Harley-Davidson.

July 09, 2012
I'm tickled to be quoted in the New York Times today (though the quote was a bit mangled) regarding design for small spaces, and the case for living in tiny apartments, one of my fav project types! The piece was a call for a response to Bloomberg's new initiative to bring more tiny apartments to the city. Read more here -

March 31, 2012
ArchDaily is featuring our Emtech Pavilion built at the ETH Zurich. -

Dec 09, 2011
UK design blog Mocha featured the East Village Studio today -

Sept 30, 2011
East Village Studio featured in the Financial Times - The Big Squeeze

Sept 22, 2011
Great News! Edible Infrastructures wins 2nd prize in international design competition for urban farming:

Sept 08, 2011
nice to see this project still getting noticed. On Remodelista this morning:

Sept 03, 2011
just completed work on Chase & Sorensen, a small coffee bar / furniture store in Hackney Downs.
Stop by for an excellent flat white and a Poulsen pendant lamp:

Aug 15, 2011
check out Edible Infrastructures, my current research project with the Emergent Technologies & Design group at the AA

Mar 23, 2011
French AD (Architectural Digest) apparently has a nice spread on East Village Studio this month. (anyone in France wanna can send me one so i can see it?)

Feb 14, 2011
East Village Studio featured in BOB Magazine:

Dec 09, 2010
Got sent up on unhappyhipsters this morning!
it would've been a bit disappointing to be in dwell and not get a poke from them. nice comments btw...

Nov 04, 2010
Spot me in this month's Dwell Magazine!
The Manhattan Transformation | Dwell Nov2010

Oct 04, 2010
spotted by the nice folks at Iso50:

Aug 09, 2010
more love from the blogosphere today:
Mocoloco -
Core77 -

Aug 06, 2011
Village Voice calls East Village Studio:
"The Best Use of 500 Residential Sq Feet in the East Village, Period"
and ditto from Curbed:
(although, i think it should say 400 sqft, turned into 500 sqft)

Aug 03, 2010
couple more mentions for EVS, its blowing up...
Notcot -
Vectorave -

July 23, 1010
++Won AIA Small Projects Award for East Village Studio ++

Mar 15, 2010
East Village Studio was featured on Apartment Therapy this morn: